Summertime Is Forever Playtime

I stated in our blog four years ago, when my partner Dan and I began our online resale business Dogbotz Boneyard, that “Summertime Is Playtime.” And guess what? It still is.

With the kids now out of school, with plans for summer vacations, and with temperatures soaring — we’re supposed to have 100-degree temperatures here in the Midwest within the next day or two — we’re in the season of playtime!  And, does Dogbotz Boneyard have the playthings for you and your family, neighbors and friends.

Among the toys and games we have available for resale:

  • For the strategist: dominoes, vintage chess boards, and clan-building adventures.
  • For family fun: classic board games and card games.
  • For the scholar of foreign cultures: a German Schafkopf card game as well as the classic 19th-century French board game Le Jey de Nain Jaune.
  • For the doll-maker: a variety of doll heads, and even a 1930s Seminole Indian doll.
  • For the hunter: duck decoys galore!
Cpt Kangaroo Game 0141 A 0513

The Game of Captain Kangaroo (board game, ca. 1956, USA)

Animal Bird Fish 0259 A 1114

ED-U Animal Bird Fish (card game, ca. 1960, USA)

Tableaux Célèbres

Tableaux Celebres (board game, ca. 1972, France)

Decoy Pair 0017 A 0512

Hen & Drake Decoys (decoys, ca. 1982, USA)

And when we begin to dig a little bit deeper in the boneyard, all sorts of playthings begin to pop out: toy boats, nanoblock sets, Chinese fortune-telling sticks, more rare vintage family board and card games, and much, much more. So, visit us and check out our toys, games and playtime collectibles on a weekly basis as new items for summer fun are added often.

If you’re a collector of vintage games and toys, let us know what you’re seeking as we may already have it in our inventory but haven’t listed it yet on our website.

All the best,
And enjoy the “dog days of summer” (no pun intended).

Patrick Price
Dogbotz Boneyard, LLC